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INIA and the NY/NJ HIDTA are partnering to offer a one day search warrant and execution seminar.
Date: September 30, 2024
Hosted by the Rockland County Police & Public Safety Academy (50 Sanatorium Road Bldg G, Pomona, NY)
Cost: $125 per student
Sign in 8:15 am to 8:55am /Start time 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Attire is Casual, Law Enforcement Personnel Only
Questions: [email protected]

Class Description: The course on Search Warrants for Law Enforcement is designed to
provide comprehensive training to law enforcement officers on the legal framework,
procedures, and best practices related to obtaining and executing search warrants.
This course aims to enhance officers knowledge and skills in drafting search warrant
and conducting lawful searches.
Participants will learn about the constitutional principles, statutory provisions,
and case law that govern search warrants. They will gain a thorough understanding
of the Fourth Amendment and its application to search and seizure issues.
Participates will receive instruction in search warrant elements and procedural
requirements for drafting and obtaining a variety of search warrants; including,
residence, parcel/luggage, cell phone, computer, bank account, tracker, geofence,
and social media. Participants will learn about the necessary documentation, including
affidavits, probable cause, specific descriptions of the place to be searched, and items
to be seized.
Participates will enhance their personal bios and draft an organized,
legally sufficient search warrant. Emphasis will be placed on ensuring accuracy and
completeness of warrant applications to minimize later challenges in court.
Participants will learn the proper techniques and procedures for executing search
warrants effectively and safely. Topics covered will include officer safety
considerations, knock-and-announce requirements, executing at different times of the
day, dealing with uncooperative occupants, and documenting the execution process.
By the end of this course, participants will possess a comprehensive
understanding of search warrant requirements equipped with the knowledge and
skills necessary to obtain and execute search warrants effectively.

Topics covered:
I. Introduction to Search Warrants (0.5 hour)
II. Documentation and Report Writing (0.5 hours)
III. Search Warrant Process (2 hours)
A. Components (affidavit and order)
B. Obtaining probable cause
C. Judicial review and approval
IV. Search Warrant Execution (1.0 hours)
A. Planning and preparation
B. Execution strategies and techniques
C. Special considerations
V. Legal Issues and Case Law (1 hours)
A. Legal challenges to search warrants
B. Recent case law and emerging trends
VI. Ethical Considerations (0.5 hours)
VII. Practical Exercises and Scenarios (1 hour)
VIII. Conclusion and Recap (0.5 hours)


Venue Phone: 845-364-8700

Venue Website:

50 Sanatorium Road, Building G, Pomona, New York, 10970, United States