About INIA

The Los Angeles International Airport Narcotics Task Force decided to organize and host an airport interdiction training conference in 1991. This was the first “Skynarc” training conference and attracted 110 participants, mostly from the western states. “Skynarc” 1992 and 1993 were also held in Los Angeles and hosted by the LAX Task Force.

By 1993, approximately 300 participants were attending, including officers from several foreign countries. Since 1993 the conference has been held in cities throughout the United States.

In 1997, the “Skynarc” steering committee recognized the increased logistical burden and financial liabilities associated with the training conference. They decided to incorporate as a non-profit, professional, educational association under the name International Narcotics Interdiction Association (INIA). INIA was formed and “Operation Jetway” became the training arm of INIA and was operated through EPIC.

Now, the conference draws over 700 attendees per year. To date, over 30,000 local, state, federal and foreign officers from more than 30 countries have attended this annual conference.

The training offered by INIA has expanded to cover all areas of narcotics interdiction enforcement, including: airport interdiction; train interdiction; bus interdiction; parcel interdiction; highway interdiction; hotel/motel interdiction; surveillance; officer safety; and many other narcotics related topics. INIA constantly develops new classes to meet the needs of the interdiction community.

INIA has a Board of Directors that consists of some of the most highly trained experts teaching in narcotics interdiction today.

INIA is a 501(c)(3) organization with a tax ID number.