INIA Scholarship Program

whats-new-scholarshipAt past Skynarc events we have conducted a raffle and donated the proceeds to different charities. It has become increasingly difficult to obtain donations for these raffles because appropriate contributors are usually already committed to support a given charity or other non-profit agencies and events. The International Narcotics Interdiction Association (INIA) Board of Directors has elected to establish a fund for scholarships to be awarded to children of INIA members.

Children of INIA members who will be in their senior year of high school beginning in the fall of 2021 and graduating in spring of 2022 are eligible. The parent INIA member must be current in his/her membership and meet one of the following criteria:

  • An active good standing member for the past five years
  • Or must have attended an INIA National conference in the last three years
  • Or a child may also submit if a prior member is deceased

Applicants will be required to submit to INIA the attached application form along with an essay, more than 250 words but not to exceed 500 words, on the topic described on the application form.

The essay must be accompanied by the signed certification statement that the writing of the essay was monitored by a parent or guardian in compliance with the rules stated on the application. The essay will be judged for content, form, and grammar.

Prior to receiving the funds, the designated recipient will be required to provide proof of admission to an accredited institute of higher learning in a full-time status.

Applications must be received by INIA no later than May 15, 2022 to be considered. Please print off the application below and mail to INIA,  Attn: Scholarship Program, 200 South Jefferson Street #124, Winchester, TN 37398.  All applications will be reviewed, and a winner or winners selected, by a committee appointed by the Board of Directors. The exact amount of each scholarship will be determined by funds available and the number of scholarships awarded in any given year. Each scholarship awarded will be up to $1,000.