The Michael G. Garbo Memorial-International Narcotics Interdiction Association Scholarship Program


We are honored to have The Michael Garbo foundation as a partner of the International Narcotics Interdiction Association scholarship program in memory of fallen Drug Enforcement Administration Group Supervisor Michael G. Garbo who was a member of the INIA organization. 

The Michael Garbo Foundation along with International Narcotics Interdiction Association supports young men and women who represent the qualities of justice , honor and accountability.  We recognize the importance of supporting students as they pursue their academic excellence. “Education is the key to success.” 

The Michael Garbo foundation and International Narcotics Interdiction Association supports this mission by providing scholarships to students who are preparing to attend college.

A scholarship applicant needs to be related to a INIA member or be referred by a INIA member who will be in their senior year of high school beginning in the fall of 2024 and graduating in spring of 2025 are eligible. The parent or member must be current in his/her membership and meet one of the following criteria:


– An active and good standing member

-Or must have attended an INIA national conference in the past 3 years 

-Or a child may also submit if a prior member is deceased

Applicants will be required to submit to INIA the attached application form along with an essay, with more than 250 words but no more than 500, on the topic described on the application form.

Essay must be accompanied by the signed certification statement that the writing of the essay was monitored  by a parent or guardian in compliance with the rules stated on the application. 

The essay will be judged on goals and achievement; content; form and grammar. 

Applicant must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

Sponsorship funds will be awarded to the students upon evidence of registration and admission in an accredited institute of higher learning with a full-time status. 


Applications must be received by INIA no later than March 31, 2025 to be considered.

Please print off the application below and mail to:

Attn: Michael G. Garbo Memorial – INIA Scholarship Program
200 South Jefferson Street #124
Winchester, TN 37398

Once all application have been reviewed, the winners selected by the committee appointed by the Board of Directors will be announced at our 33rd Annual INIA Drug/Terrorist Interdiction Training Conference. Prior to our conference you will be notified via regular mail and telephone if you have been accepted as a  Michael Garbo Memorial – INIA scholar.

The scholarships will be based on 3 tiers:

Tier 1 – $2,000
Tier 2 – $1,500
Tier 3 – $1,000 

Michael G. Garbo Memorial INIA Scholarship-Application