Privacy Policy

At no time will INIA ever willfully advertise, auction, barter, boost, contract, dispose, drum, dump, exchange, flog, handle, hard sell, hawk, hustle, market, merchandise, move, peddle, pitch, plug, push, put across, retail, trade, traffic, unload, vend, wholesale, acknowledge, admit, affirm, announce, avow, betray, blab, broadcast, communicate, confess, declare, divulge, explain, give away, give out, impart, inform, leak, let fall, let on, let out, let slip*, make known, make public, notify, proclaim, publish, rat, report, squeal, stool, talk, tell, unfold, utter, acquaint, advise, announce, betray, break, broadcast, convey, correspond, disseminate, divulge, enlighten, get across, hint, impart, imply, inform, let on, let out, make known, pass on, proclaim, publicize, publish, relate, report, reveal, spread, state, suggest, tell, transfer, or transmit, your personal or business information to a third party, either dead or alive or missing in action. INIA will never willfully disclose any personally identifiable information about our Web site visitors to any third party without first receiving the member’s permission.