INIA Staff


Steve Hart – President

Steve Hart served as a Special Agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) for over 25 years before retiring in September of 2021.   While with the DEA, Hart was a Supervisory Special Agent (SSA)/Group Supervisor (GS) in the Riverside District Office.   As an SSA/GS,  he supervised several high profile International cases as well as interdiction, wiretap, and gang investigations.  Prior to promoting, Hart was assigned to the Orange County Resident Office, Task Force Group, where he worked several high-level wiretap, interdiction, and informant driven operations.    These investigations often resulted in the indictment and extradition of high-ranking cartel members from Mexico.  Prior to joining DEA, Hart was a local police officer in Texas and Ohio.  Hart graduated from Syracuse University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Affairs.   After retiring from DEA, Hart accepted a position in October 2021, as a Detective with the State of California, Department of Cannabis Control.  In that position Hart is responsible for investigating illegal Cannabis operations throughout California.    Steve Hart has served on the INIA Board of Directors since 2010 and was elected President of INIA in 2022.  Email – [email protected]

goodmanExecutive Director – Benny Goodman

Benny retired from the Metro Nashville, TN Police Department after 28 years of service. He was also employed with the 21st Judicial Drug Task Force in TN and was assigned to the DEA Task Force in Nashville for 16 years.  Benny is the former Training Director for INIA and is currently the Executive Director. Benny has been affiliated with INIA for over 25 years. Email – [email protected]


Training Director/Website Coordinator – Mark Parker

Mark Parker is a past president of INIA and 2001 INIA Officer of Year winner. Mark has been an INIA Board of Directors member since 2005 and has been asso­ci­ated with INIA for over 20 years. Mark has lectured on all phases of criminal interdiction internationally and domestically. Email – [email protected]