Contracting or Hosting INIA Class

Contracting a seminar

INIA seminars can be conducted nationwide by contract. Contracting allows an individual agency to tailor a seminar to their specific needs, to have it presented at the location of their choice and set the class size.

Hosting a seminar

INIA seminars may be hosted by an agency. Hosting can greatly benefit an agency and bring quality training to their organization. The following are hosting agency requirements for a seminar:

  1. A training facility that will accommodate a minimum of 25 students.
  2. A PowerPoint projector, viewing screen and audio equipment.
  3. A hotel in close proximity of the training facility that will honor the current Federal per diem rate.
  4. A commitment from the hosting agency to help advertise the school locally by word of mouth, flyers, emails, etc.
  5. INIA will be responsible for setting up online registration and all registration payments.
  6. INIA will be responsible for all training materials and instructor expenses.
  7. The seminar needs to be scheduled at least two months in advance so it can be properly promoted.
  8. Host agencies can possibly receive free student placement within the seminar.

Please contact the INIA Staff to schedule a class or answer any questions.


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