To help you answer some of the most commonly asked questions, we’ve posted several here that may come to you as you browse through the INIA web site.

Do I have to be member to list a unit?

Who is eligible to be member?
Any sworn law enforcement officer, prosecutor, corrections, parole, or probation officer. Special consideration is at the discretion of the Executive Director.

What are the benefits of membership?
Personal mail notification of conferences, access to the many features of the Members Only page (INIA directory, Concealment Gallery, Bulletin Board, etc.) access to association resources (experienced advisors/attorneys for problems & legal issues, library & manuals)

How long is a membership?
18 Months

Do I have to renew each year?
Yes. However, attendance to the National Conference constitutes an automatic renewal.

Can a unit join or just an individual?
Individual only

Is INIA the same as Jetway?
No. Jetway is training program funded by DEA and administered by EPIC. The Jetway Program name was founded by INIA and uses many INIA instructors.

Is INIA the same as SKYNARC?
Yes. We changed the name when we had to incorporate to reflect a wider area of interdiction beyond airports.

Why did SKYNARC incorporate?
Due to the size of the annual conference we found ourselves signing contracts which contained penalty clauses calling for hundreds of thousands of dollars in penalties for “non performance” (not using the space contracted for). Our wives had a problem with that when they figured out they could lose their houses to a hotel chain. We also could not open a bank account to pay the bills without a Federal Tax ID Number which we couldn’t get unless we incorporated.

Is INIA a business?
No, INIA is a tax exempt, non-profit association whose sole purpose is to provide interdiction training to local,state,federal & foreign police officers. (Any gifts you want to send us are tax deductible !!!)

Are INIA Instructors paid?
Yes & No. Instructors at the INIA (Skynarc) national Training Conference are all volunteers. Instructors at other seminars are paid if they are off duty or retired; if they are on duty they are not.

How do I use the directory?
Located in the Members Only area, you can browse or search by unit name.