INIA Sponsorship/Vendor Relationship Statement

INIA considers our vendor sponsor relationship as a large part of our mission to deliver the highest quality of training to law enforcement officers throughout the United States.  INIA believes that is vitally important to keep our attendees up to date on the latest equipment, products and services available to law enforcement. However, our unique and high quality of training takes time, effort, coordination and funding. That’s where great companies such as yours are able to play a vital role.

As a non-profit organization, INIA is dedicated to keeping the United States and its citizens as safe as possible.  INIA provides this opportunity through its unique training. The INIA staff dedicates substantial time and effort to put on such high caliber training.  This is where companies like yours can assist and keep this long standing conference ongoing.  Your help allows INIA to keep expenses to a minimum and continue to provide high quality training by some of the best instructors in the world at a reasonable cost to the attendee.  As the economy continues to struggle and police department training budgets are the first to be raided your help allows INIA to keep the conference costs as low as possible and in return allows departments to use those funds to purchase products and services from our vendors and sponsors.

What is the benefit of being an INIA sponsor or vendor?

The INIA attendees are federal, state and local law enforcement officers that are on the “front line” protecting the borders of country, states and counties against terrorism, drugs and criminal activity.  They are dedicated individuals that risk their lives so people can enjoy a safe America.  These officers deserve support from everyone.

INIA is a non-profit organization that has been in existence for over 33 years and is respected among interdiction/narcotic communities around the world for their dedication to interdiction/narcotic training.  The criminal interdiction units mostly  generate their own funds through asset forfeiture.  These funds are seized through interdiction operations and are commonly placed back into the interdiction units budgets as to keep the officers with cutting edge technology so more seizures can be made.  Interdiction officers have a lot of discretion concerning the purchase of equipment and items to keep their units as efficient and successful as possible.

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